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Here comes allergy season
As spring blossoms, pollen and other allergens take to the air – often wreaking havoc on the eyes. Such irritants can cause redness, itching, watering and other discomforts. Get ready to fight the symptoms with eye drops, cleansing solution or by changing the frequency of lens replacement.

Eye Drops
Bye, bye dry

Allergens and other pollutants are known to make eyes extra dry, itchy and red. Keep them as comfortable and moisturized as possible with soothing, quenching drops.
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Wash, rinse, repeat

Cleaning your lenses thoroughly is especially important during allergy season as pollen tends to adhere to and build up on them. Be extra vigilant with your lens care routine as the season changes.
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Eye Exam
What’s up, doc?

Disposable lens wearers with persistent symptoms may be able to reduce their allergy irritation by increasing the frequency of replacement. Check with your eye doctor to discuss your options.
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