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Pay as you go
You decide how often you want your lenses delivered. We’ll charge you only when they ship.

Customizable delivery schedule
Set-up your deliveries to your schedule: weekly, monthly or annually.

Quick & easy
Reordering is made simple with our auto-reorder manager in the My Account Section.

Get started
Click the reorder now button and log into your Vision Direct account. Once in the reorder manager, follow the steps to schedule your reorder.

Here is the easiest way to order your contact lenses with ease and convenience. offers the auto reorder option where you can order your contact lenses without worrying about reordering again. There are two advantages with the auto reorder option at You can schedule all future deliveries, and you need not pay for them until they are shipped. There are three primary features of this facility from 1. Pay as you go: You can schedule how often your lenses should be delivered. You will be charged only after they have been shipped. 2. Customize delivery schedule: You can customize how you want the delivery -- weekly, monthly, or annually. 3. Quick and easy: The auto reorder manager in My Accounts settings is easy to manage so ordering is a breeze. Start today by logging into your account at

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